Sunday, April 23, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Assault squads built!

Up to this point I haven't had a viable army assembled, so this weekend I finished up the pair of assault squads - Gets me up to three valid compulsory troops choices and opens up the option of running the Orbital Assault or Drop Assault Vanguard rites of war for the Khamasiin Warhost!

I wanted to continue on with the nods to older versions of the force, but also update them somewhat so assault squad Besenmut's sergeant will be getting the ethereal wing treatment similar to what I'd done last go-around. This time however I decided that rather than using the sanguinary guard wings I'd go with the feathered Scourge wings from the Dark Eldar line. Continues the theme, but also helps show the slide into darkness that the force is undergoing!

I'd thought to do one big 20-man assault squad, but as I was able to dredge an extra sets of wings out of the Closet of Doom, two 10-man squads it is. Sergeant Mekhata also got the wing treatment, but I wanted to vary the pose a bit so they weren't both carbon copies. All of the models got the Achean upgrade kits, and some tabards to help drive home the Thousand Sons look.

Rather happy with how they've turned out, and I look forward to getting some paint on 'em!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Veterans and Tactical Squads complete, and Plasma Cannons ahoy!

The weather turned nice enough earlier in the week that I was able to get a mess of models spray sealed, which means I finally have models suitable to hit the table for some test games!

The bedrock of every iteration of my Thousand Sons is Tactical Squad Hesyre, it's hard to go wrong with the good ol' legion tactical squad of 20 marines with extra close combat weapons. Given they will be transported in a Storm Eagle this go-around, they're essentially an assault squad this time!

Veteran Squad Khalmekt is a returning unit, they performed admirably in the previous incarnation of the force so are armed identically with a pair of melta guns. The addition of them getting Brotherhood of Sorcerers with the new rules makes them all the more delicious!

Where one veteran squad was good, a second one is twice as good right? Introducing Veteran Squad Apophis. Nothing too unusual here, more anti-tank goodness to be delivered by drop pod as part of the Khamasiin configuration alongside their other veteran brethren.

Another new addition to the force is Heavy Support Squad Khalid, armed with plasma cannons - The new Thousand Sons rules grant them the option to upgrade them to Aether-fire cannons which grants them Soul Blaze. Foom! Finished these off today, but the weather has subsequently turned so they're still awaiting sealant.

Updated the painting chart, felt good to start turning some boxes green! Started painting the Storm Eagle, as well as the sky chariots, but felt I deserved a little reward for all the painting and started building the assault squads. Nothing worth taking pics of yet, but soon...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Heresy Era Mechanicum - NOCF Charity Army 2017 kickoff!

It's very much early days yet, but the Nova Open Charitable Foundation raffle projects are getting rolling, and I was honored to be allowed to participate again this year! Among the various other items that will be going up for auction over the next six months are a couple Horus Heresy armies including a Sons of Horus force, and a Mechanicum cohort which are being painted up by some phenomenally talented artists. ...And me. Hah!

Naturally I volunteered for team Mechanicum, and will be painting up a couple units of Thallax. They're a little fiddly to assemble but I've started to get the hang of it, and you really can get some cool poses out of them!

Didn't want to just repeat the "get over here" pose with the second claw hand, so decided to go a bit more brutal and have him holding a damaged helmet. I'm planning on painting it up using the Sons of Horus recipe for the opposing army project, which should be fun!

...Of course, if I end up enjoying the sea green scheme I will undoubtedly be tempted to do a Sons of Horus army of my own. Nooooooo, my wallet!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Veteran Squads in progress, part two...

Chipping away at the veteran squads, laid in the boltgun metal, the various blues and the first earth-tone base coat for all the bits that will end up being bone and leather. Getting the initial base coat on the bases really helps the models pop!

Trying to keep a little distinction between the blue tones, with the cloaks and stoles being more of a turquoise blue (as a nod to where their color scheme is heading in the near future) while the power cables and weapons being my signature blue. I'm attempting to envision how they'll look with jade scarabs as a secondary spot color, or whether they ought to just be done in the white to match the opposing shoulder. Thoughts?

Interestingly, I think they have a bit more visual interest from the rear at the moment, which suits me okay as that's the side I'll most often be looking at. Hah! Nearing the finish line in any case, hoping to polish them off by the end of the upcoming weekend...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Veteran Squads continue...

Quick hit this evening - Not a huge amount of hobby time this weekend, only able to get one color done on the Veterans but the every step counts in the long run!

Amazing how adding in the white really helps sell the Thousand Sons vibe. Didn't take nearly as long as laying in all the gold trim, but still had to be very careful about the application so as not to splash over onto the red so it's still a pretty exacting process. So far, so good!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Something old, something new!

Busy week out in Real Life(tm), but I did get a package in the mail containing a blast from the past!

Back in the Tempus Fugitives era when I first got into the Heresy, my first iteration of the Thousand Sons force included my favorite of the superheavy tanks - The Falchion Eye of Magnus. Custom built by the inestimable Tom McBride (of Blood and Skulls) and somewhat hamfistedly painted by me, it was one of my biggest source of sellers remorse that I'd let it go. Turns out the guy that it was sold to was planning on selling off his force, so I jumped at the chance to buy it back! It's a little the worse for wear (it was built and sold back in 2012) so I had to do a bit of repair work, and plan on updating the paint scheme a little to match up with the current forces. ...Which means among other things I've got about 8,000 rivets to paint. Oof!

On the other side of the coin ,over the last several evenings I have squeezed in a few abbreviated painting sessions and finally this evening got the gold trim laid in on all of the veterans. This was a long, tedious process but now that it's done the rest of the scheme should zoom right along!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Heresy Era Mechanicum - Thanatar and Vorax almost complete!

I was going through the pictures I've taken over the last couple weeks and realized I'd never posted the shots of the Thanatar and Vorax fresh off the paint line! They were spray sealed before I left for Adepticon and are awaiting the addition of some waterslide transfers and weathering, but are table ready otherwise!

Rather happy with how the Thanatar turned out, the red ended up a little mottled but in the end I sort of like it! Carried on with the black weapon housings and the usual electric blue gives it some nice spot color.

The Vorax are by far my favorite of the robot range, they just exude menace. Haven't glossed up the eyes yet (or the faceplate on the Thanatar), as they'll be getting another matte pass following the addition of the transfers and weathering.

FW recently put up another preview of the Achean Castellax and the Osiron dreadnought, and the force will be getting at least three of each weapon loadout! Going to be an expensive day once those go up for pre-order...

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Tactical Squad Hesyre painting continues!

Managed to get a few good hours of brush time in today and made great strides with squad Hesyre! Back in the zone with the batch painting, and some recently-released Eisenhorn audiobooks to keep me distracted - The Eisenhorn/Ravenor trilogies are some of my favorite 40k fiction, and I am really digging the narrated versions so far!

Next up for the squad was a bit of steel and blue - The various vents on the backpack, the teeth on the chainswords and so on all got a boltgun metal and dark tone wash, and I picked out the eyes and power cables in the usual electric blue. The blue on the trim of Hesyre's cloak matches the blues that I'd used on Sethep-Khet's robes, but they're a little blown out in this pic.

Next up was a whole mess of earthtones. Anything that was going to be leather or bone got a basecoat of Tierra Earth, which also included the bases. I rather like the step when the bases get the first color - It really makes the models pop and it's always a good sign that the finish line is near!

Picked out all the bone color on the weapon housings, wanted to try something a little different with the bone and gold weapons this go-around. I think I like it!

Next up I switched over to the nasty basing brushes and applied the bone and white to the sandstone parts of the bases, then the bone, the leather, the dirt and the sandstone all got a strong tone wash. Liquid talent to the rescue! Blacked the rims just to clean them up, and at that point they were as done as I could do for the day - they'll be left to dry overnight and I'll re-engage with the final touch-ups and flock tomorrow. Supposed to snow but be gorgeous subsequently so hopefully I'll be able to get 'em sealed in the next few days!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Tactical Squad Hesyre painting begins!

It's been a while since I fired up the ol' batch painting servitor and after a few false starts it started cranking out the models again. Definitely felt good to be getting back to my favorite Legion!

When I'd left off the models were more or less done with the red stage, so I went in and added a bit more shading here and there in the recesses, and painted all the elbow, hip and knee ribbing in black. Started one model's gold before I caught myself and snapped a quick pic!

All the gold trim laid in and washed, definitely the most painstaking part as I definitely didn't want to spill onto the red, as I'm more or less unable to 're-paint' the red (one downside to the airbrush portion that I've run across for sure).

Finally for the day's session was the basic light grey that will undercoat all the white areas. Definitely helps the models suddenly snap into focus and start to look like Thousand Sons! Tomorrow I intend to get the whites finished up, and lay into the various khaki, leather and bone colors. Moving right along!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Sorcerer Lord Sethep-Khet almost table ready!

One should always start off a project by doing one of the main HQ models, right? I couldn't help but continue on with Sethep-Khet over the last few evenings and he's almost table ready! Just needs a sealant pass but it's been rather chilly of late...

Picked out a ton of bling, and went with reasonably subdued reversed blue and white detailing on the robes - I think the model is busy enough without over-complicating the paint scheme. Rather pleased with how he's come along!

Next up, it's time to reinitialize the painting servitor, and get cracking on with the troops choices - not the most exciting part of the force, but it's good to get them out of the way early!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adepticon 2017 - Pictures From An Exhibition, Part Two

Part two of the Adepticon coverage today, this time it's pictures of some games and some swag!

The games were all rather fun, so much so in fact that I didn't end up taking many pictures of them! The first day was the Heresy Friendly tournament, which was 2500 points a side - My opponents were unilaterally awesome, though the lists were rather fierce. First up was my Fists vs. a Salamanders force (as there was an odd number of Loyalists/Traitors) so we had a bit of a "training exercise". There was a massive scrum in the middle of the table with Vulkan and a mess of his bodyguards and Sigismund and his Templar Brethren and terminators. It was a bloodbath, but victory went to the Salamanders by the end.

The second game was against a beautifully dark and creepy Alpha Legion force that was full of infiltrators and jump troops, who threw down a ton of phosphex. Burn baby, burn! Another loss for the fists but they savaged the forces of Alpharius as well. In the end it was down to a single VP.

The last game of the friendly was against a cracking gentleman's Death Guard. Sigismund was particularly impressive this game, standing toe-to-toe with Mortarion for 5 full turns - in the end the game ground to a stalemate with a perfectly balanced draw. Not a loss, so I'll take it!

The next day saw the Fists take part in the Gomeiza Conflict, a vast narrative campaign that ran all weekend. I has mis-read the event description so while it also used the same 2500 point force, it turns out it was team games at 5000 points a side. My teammates and opponents were all fantastic, but the game size really made them a bit of a slog in my opinion. Each game took nearly 4 hours and in both games my force was wildly outclassed by superheavies and tidal waves of World Eaters (between the two games I literally faced off against 180 of Angron's kin, totally brutal). During the convention I'd mentioned to a couple folks that the Imperial Fists were for sale, and it turns out one of the folks I'd met was interested and bought them on the spot - Saved me the hassle of trying to get them home (and then sell them on ebay), and more or less ended up paying for the whole weekend. Huzzah!

The swag bag they handed out was amazing, with a vast amount of stuff including a huge box of Rune Wars (which was traded away as there was no good way for me to get it home). Very impressive!

Forge World was in attendance, but I managed to keep the purchases reasonably under control - A few of the event-only models, a couple things for the Thousand Sons, and a spare copy of the Rogue Trader reprint (to be given away soon, as the blog is rapidly approaching post #800)!

One of my opponents does custom painting/powder coating(?) as a job and had made up a bunch of really cool insulated mugs, and as I'd mentioned I was a Thousand Sons guy at heart he gave me one of them as a consolation prize for being tabled by his World Eaters. Awesome guy and a fun game, even though it was a massacre!

The folks that do Eagle Ordinary were in attendance in full cosplay mode, and were handing out some hysterical stuff they'd printed out including a coloring book and magazine.

Overall it was a fun weekend, though there were a few hiccups with the hotel that spoiled things ever so slightly (still trying to sort out some double-charging for rooms that is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth). I think I'd still attend Adepticon again next year, but I'm of the opinion that NOVA is a better-run event in a better locale overall, very much looking forward to that coming up later in the year!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adepticon 2017 - Pictures From An Exhibition, Part One

Sorry for the radio silence there, but I've been on vacation in Chicago while attending Adepticon! Ah, a weekend among thousands of geeks - The fun! The Camraderie! The gamer funk...

As usual I took a ton of pictures, and as usual most of them didn't turn out particularly well but I thought I'd do a couple posts with the pics I did manage to salvage - Part one is a selection of lovely Heresy armies! There were another 10-15 that I either didn't get a change to photograph or took shoddy pics of, which is a shame - the level of artistry on display was truly fantastic overall!

Mechanicum, Raven Guard, Iron Warriors

More Mechanicum, Sons of Horus, Word Bearers

World Eaters, Salamanders, More Iron Warriors

Even More Mechanicum, Emperor's Children, Solar Auxila


While I didn't get any good pics of it in progress, there was a HUUUUGE apocalypse game being played during the weekend, recreating the Battle of Helsreach. I don't normally go in for playing in massive games like that, but it was one heck of a spectacle when it was in full swing!

Next up will be a few pics from the games my Imperial Fists took part in, as well as a look at some goodies picked up at the con!