Sunday, January 15, 2017

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Rhinos and Land Raider built!

Haven't been feeling the painting mojo over the last few days, so as a bit of a distraction I spent some time gluing my fingers together instead!

To transport the Templar Brethren, I wanted some sort of assault vehicle but didn't want to go all the way up to the Spartan. In general I prefer the Proteus chassis as it feels more Heresy-y to me, but only the Phobos has an assault ramp. So a Mk.IIb it is! I approached it with some trepidation, as the last kit I'd built had tolerances to the nearest half inch. This one in contrast went together like a dream! I believe they've re-cut the molds at some point along the way, as this kit was pretty long in the tooth comparatively speaking.

The two Veteran squads each get a Rhino to roll around in, and as usual the Deimos Rhino kits went together smoothly as well. I plumped for a few of the new pintle-mounted weapon kits, in order to mount each tranport with a heavy bolter. Theme-wise, the army is chock full of heavy bolters in fact!

Of course we're having rather Colorado weather of late, so while it was in the upper 50s mid-week, it's been below freezing all weekend and forecast to continue for the next few days. No primering for the tanks in the near future, more's the pity!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Templar Brethren and Cataphractii Terminators nearly done...

Little bit of brush time over the weekend, and got a few more colors down on the Templars and Terminators!

Laid in the basic silver, gold and whites on the various areas, though they are just the basecoats currently - more shading and highlights to come so they don't look quite so flat. I also roughed in the basecoat for the bases, which immediately helps the models pop a bit (especially when they are predominantly black anyway)!

Probably one or two more sessions to go over the next few evenings, hopefully we'll get another break in the weather soon and I can get them sealed in preparation for weathering!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Templar Brethren and Cataphractii Terminators painting continues...

Quick hit today, while I brace for the imminent snowpocalypse! Supposed to get a foot of snow overnight, and it's already coming down pretty good. On the other hand, it's also forecast to be around 55°F on Sunday. Gotta love Colorado!

Got (most) of the black cleaned up and then started adding in some colors in the meantime! The usual power field blue really pops against the black and yellow, and the green garlands add another layer of visual interest to what was a fairly drab looking set of models, earlier! Next up will be all the silver trimwork around the various armour plates, which should help give them a little more depth.

As I'm expecting to work from home tomorrow (no way am I going to do a 40 mile commute in a foot+ of snow) I'm hoping I can sneak up to the loft and do a little painting over my lunch hour. Rather enjoying how they're coming along so far, and I'm already envisioning what the Land Raider transport for 'em is going to look like in a similar black livery!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Templar Brethren and Cataphractii Terminators begin!

Happy New Year, everyone - Hope the changeover finds you all hale and hearty! Yesterday the weather was nice enough to spray seal the recently-painted models and primer the next batch. Pressed on and laid in the basic yellows!

Next up on the block are the five hammer-and-board Cataphractii terminators, and a ten-man squad of Templar Brethren. They will have the reversed scheme from the 'basic' veterans and Tartaros terminators, and will be primarily black with yellow accents. Next up will be going back in with black to clean up the slop, and then move on to all the highlighting of the black armour.

Figured I'd go through to update all the painting charts and see what projects I have on deck this year. The plan is to take the Imperial Fists to the LVO and Adepticon this year, and they're actually further along than I'd expected!

Next up is the project that sounded good at the time but I am beginning to regret my life choices. The Genestealer Cult are an awesome new set of models and they're fun to paint, but it is a metric boatload of models to paint. I started to batch paint all of the 3rd and 4th generation hybrids at once and got all the skin done, but the thought of doing all 40+ of them at the same time for further steps filled me with horror. Going to have to break them up into 20-man groups and crank 'em out. Once that's done it'll be time to move on to the brood brothers/suborned pdf troops!

There's been very little forward motion on my beloved Thousand Sons of late, as I've been in a holding pattern for Inferno (the FW book that will include their rules). I have been gathering bits and kits, and once the new book drops there will likely be a frenzy of activity! All Is Dust!

Nearly a completed force, I ought to really buckle down and finish of the last few models for the Prosperine Assault Infantry, but similar to the Thousand Sons there's rumors that the Spireguard will have some rules in the upcoming book so I'm hesitant to do much more with them for fear of building invalid unit types.

Way down in the priority list are the Dark Eldar and Harlequins, which are at this point a "if I absolutely can't be arsed to paint anything from any of my other projects" project.

Should be a great year of hobby goodness! Hope you all have a safe and happy 2017!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Veterans and Contemptor "off the factory floor"

As of this morning I'm officially on vacation for four days. Glorious! That said, I got a jump on the weekend yesterday evening and got the Vets and Contemptor up to the "Off the factory floor" stage where they await the first spray sealant pass in preparation for waterslides and weathering.

It's always amazing to me how much of a difference painting the bases helps the models pop! Pretty happy with how the cooler tones of the bases contrast against the rather 'hot' tones of the yellows and reds. All the black got another highlight pass, and I added in the various spot colors and metallics that really help snap the models into focus. Going to be applying further details to the right shoulder pads, though whether that's to be transfers or freehand remains to be seen - While I'm pretty confident using transfers in general, the complex curve of the marine shoulder pad still gives me trouble!

The Contemptor Mortis got the same treatment, and I'm rather looking forward to adding some chips and scratches to him - they should stand out nicely against the yellow!

It's supposed to be pushing 60°F this afternoon so I'm hoping to get them sealed so I can finish off the next steps! In the interim it's back to building - The final pieces arrived for the hammer-and-shield Cataphractii terminators, and I have those and the bits to make a 10-man Templar Brethren squad soaking this morning. Should be a weekend full of Heresy Goodness!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Veteran Squads and Contemptor get some brush time!

Hope the holidays were safe and fun for everyone, it was a whirlwind of activity for me though sadly not as much of it was actual painting time. Even a painting servitor deserves time off to celebrate the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension, right? Now that it's passed I have managed to rekindle some painting mojo and set to on some Imperial Fists with renewed gusto!

To begin with I figured the painting servitor had had enough time off thank you very much, and it was high time it got plugged back in to the duty station. Turned the settings over to batch paint and started slinging the yellow around! Started off with a basecoat of Vallejo Scrofulous Brown, followed by a heavy drybrush of Golden Yellow, and then a light drybrush of GW Flash Gitz Yellow, concentrating on the uppermost surfaces. Once that was done the whole model was given a Seraphim Sepia wash and left to dry overnight.

The next session was the tedious one - going back in and re-blacking in everything that's intended to be metal or, well, black. I've been tempted to just bypass this step and just paint the metallics over the yellow, but I've found that it tends to end up looking sort of spotty and unfinished. Boring, but necessary!

Next up I could actually start doing some interesting stuff with the models. The black areas were given a bit of a highlight (which will likely get one further highlight, based on how I'm feeling about them at the moment), the icons on the shoulder pads were roughed in and just to paint something besides black and yellow for a bit the red veteran stripes were added to the helmets, and the sergeants got the full red helmet with white stripe look. They're starting to come into focus now!

While I was about it I'd been working on the Contemptor as well, and it's more or less keeping pace with the two veteran squads. Gives me a nice little break in the batch painting process, and helps ensure that it'll match up with the infantry!

I have a couple days off coming up around new years, and am hoping I can get these lads finished over the upcoming long weekend. Hope you all have a safe and happy New Years!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Heresy Era Adeptus Custodes - Custodian Guard Squad (almost) Complete!

Just a quick hit today - it's been ridiculously cold over the last couple days (-12°F last night) so no spray sealing going on. That said, barring that final step the Custodian Guard squad is more or less complete!

Rather enjoyed painting them up, though there's not a whole lot to 'em beyond the gold stage so the last few steps went really quickly. Red on the horsehair plumes and gemstones and blue for the power blades, and a few areas in silver and white. Matched up the bases to the ones for the Imperial Fists and job's a good 'un!